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Once your new book comes out I will purchase it as , your flute case that was at the show, I thought was the best thing I have seen in a while. Any way keep up the good work pal.
Derek, UK

We thoughrougly enjoyed the weekend, we certainly learned a lot, including what a fine pint shropshire lass is! As I mentioned I will, hopefully be coming back for more later in the year.

Nigel & George, UK

… my thanks about great box making days!

Jussi M – Finland

Wow!!! I never thought some one could make such beatiful things. I´m impress. Really man, your work is amazing!

Lorena T

Thank you for your generosity in authoring “Decorative Boxes”. Artist/authors so often hold back so called ‘secrets’. The depth and detail was a gift for which I am most grateful.

Dave C, USA

First of all many thanks for an excellent course last week … the final result was thoroughly worth while. 

Percy C, UK

Many thanks for your help and assistance during my two days. The relaxed approach suited me and your willingness to answer my questions appreciated. I have gained some invaluable knowledge that would have taken forever without your assistance.

Andy H, Laurencekirk, UK

Many thanks for a truly enjoyable time … Really looking forward to putting those new skills to good use.

Peter W, UK

Thank you for the wonderful weekend experience.  William was very pleased with his birthday present, he is often indifferent and doesn’t show much interest in things (my dad is keen on him finding more active and sociable hobbies), so this was a big success!

John G, UK

… I just wanted to say thank you again for a great weekend.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very informative.

Simon G, UK

Thank you for a very interesting and stimulating weekend. I went away full of enthusiasm and eager to attempt more boxes using the vast selection of wood that I have been lucky enough to inherit.

Mike N, UK