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Thank you very much for your hospitality, the CD with the nice photo’s and the fine week we had in Acton Scot.
Allen B, Holland

I had one of the best informative and enjoyable times of my life over the weekend, my head is buzzing with loads of ideas and information.

Chris C, UK

The level of detail Andrew achieves is astonishing and his design work is second to none. Just look at the ‘coastal’ box (on the cover of his Celebrating Boxes book) and tell me you don’t want one! Congratulations on your site and your workmanship.

Kevin, Essex, UK

Thank you once again for a really great three days. We learnt a lot and we have a real project to get on with. I hope we will do justice to the preparation. 

Paul H, UK

Thank you so much for a wonderfully interesting weekend.  There was so much to take in. You made box making look so easy but what we didn’t see was all the time and effort you put in preparing the materials and jigs!

Jonathan M, UK

Thank you so much for all your kindness, patience and guidance over the weekend. It was quite the best workshop I have attended.

Paul S, Wiltshire, UK

Wow!!! I never thought some one could make such beatiful things. I´m impress. Really man, your work is amazing!

Lorena T

What an adventure! Andrew is a true master of the craft, and expertly shared and showed us how to reach new levels of craftsmanship … the classmates, Barry and Terry were great to spend time with, and we all left with a completed box ! Can’t get any better then that. Andrew gets an A+ for organization guidance and hosting …

Dave C, USA

Everybody was so impressed with the inlay and the lid (we) you did!! I honestly feel my box making will improve 100% as a benefit of spending time with you.

Graham P, UK

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a tremendous two day course. I was amazed at what we had managed to cover in just two days. It was great to be able to tap into your years of experience in box making.

Keith H, UK

[smartHinge] – What would have taken me an eon to fit, were now done in around an hour and are so easy to install

Rob S, Salisbury, UK