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Many thanks for a very enjoyable weekend. Having been self taught, I now realize how much more there is to learn from those like yourself and the others on the course. Thanks again for passing on all that knowledge and expertis
Chris R, UK

I enjoyed it on so many different levels; the exposure to new techniques and the discipline of minute attention to detail; your company and that of David and Mike and the clear common perspective on things beyond wood working; 

Olly B, UK

 … your case was a hit at the festival in Nova Scotia. Everyone from Chris Norman and Matthias Maute to Rachel Brown and Pat Olwell himself admired it a great deal.

David M, USA

Thanks, Andrew – it was a very interesting group with great banter and I don’t think we minded about the bit of work to do back home. The snow certainly added to the fun, and the delays, but it helped to make a very memorable and worthwhile five days

Dave W, UK

Just a quick note to say thanks for your time and patience and for a great weekend. I am really pleased with the quality of box we managed to produce I such a short time.

Dave W, UK

  I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic weekend – It has really inspired me to get stuck in again – and taught me so much – I’ve built many of the jigs and aids we used and a veneer press of sorts …

Stephen B, UK

… thank you for a great weekend, maybe at some point in the future I can return for the 5day box making class!

Kristin C, UK

 … thank you for such a brilliant weekend. We loved it! I am very pleased to attach some photos of our beauuuutiful boxes, fully lined and in all their glory! I hope you approve.

Sophie & Chris, UK

Andrew, loved your work at the Claremont Wood Show. Having previously disliked both boxes and veneering, I am now a convert

Michael B, Perth, WA

many thanks i had a great weekend, that went far to quick, the course  was  very relaxing and i learnt loads.

Mike J, UK

I’d love to come back next year to build a veneered box with a curved lid. Thanks again, Andrew, the days in your workshop were really helpful and it was a great pleasure to spend time with you.

Brian H, Australia