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… I want to tell you that you helped me in ways that only you could have.  My mind has been buzzing since I left your shop  …
Roger B, USA

I want to create something that is functional but pleasing to the eye….Your site, and your obvious passion and expertise, has inspired me to make an item that is something other than a rectangle with a lid….thankyou

Paul D, UK

Thank you very much again for your patient tuition. It was a great privilege to spend so much time with you, and to acquire so many skills. Do I have any criticisms of the course ? I cannot think of a single one. It was superb throughout.

Robert D, UK

[smartHinge] – Thank you for going to the trouble of designing and getting this wonderful hinge made. The hinge is easy to fit, unobtrusive, strong and good-looking. It is the first box hinge that I’ve not had to adjust or change in anyway.

Duke Christie

I love the way you work- a man after my own heart; KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid as someone once advised me!! (Not that I’m saying it’s all simple….)

Cathy B, UK

[smartHinge] – from now on, these are the hinges I will be using wherever I can.

Alex S, Australia

Rapture of raptures. Arrived via rocking horses near York. Adore boxes, adore wood, play the flute and early(ish) music myself. This is a wonderful site / sight.

Annie T, Huddersfield, UK

Thank you very much indeed for an excellent 5 days in your workshop, learning different techniques and methods, which, as you say, will be transferable to larger pieces of furniture.

Andrew A, UK

[smartHinge] – The hinges arrived safely and have been installed. So easy to work with and look really great – they add a new dimension to a box. Will send another order in due course. Congratulations.

Tony D, Australia

I seen your work and I think it was beautiful, as I’m a shopfitting bench joiner you rarely see such beautiful work as yours. I have a keen interest in marquetry and inlay and after seeing your work it has give me the push to get back into fine work again.

Derek, UK

Brilliant website, brilliant products, produced & presented with your usual passion, humour & attention to detail. Well done!

Bill M, UK