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My reason for coming along … was primarily to get started on making boxes to as high a standard as I could manage, but the course delivered on so many other levels.
Harvey T, UK

Just a note to say thank you for such an enjoyable weekend. I never thought that I could achieve so much in just two days. I am delighted with my box … thank you for your patience with my efforts.

Brian A, UK

After having a few days to ponder the week and think about where I’m going from here with my boxmaking, I find I am more committed than ever.  The week was just what I had hoped for and more.

Roger B, US

You have a very special environment you have created that allows you to be both creative – which you naturally are – and to be where you want to be in this increasingly stressful world!! The standard and quality of the work that you teach and produce is exceptional, and certainly sets the bar for any aspiring novices such as myself.

Jamie F, UK

Thanks for a very instructive weekend! I am looking forward to finishing my box. Thank you so much for the clear instruction – you have opened up a number of techniques I had not previously tried which is great.

Paul M, UK

I really enjoyed the two days and learned a huge amount in a short space of time (as well as ending up with a nice box). Thanks again for a great weekend.

David B, UK

I had a really enjoyable and informative weekend. I found your approach refreshingly practical and am looking forward to finishing off the box. I’d be interested in doing a further course / private tuition with you next year so you’ll probably be hearing from me in the future.

Julian R, UK

Hi Andrew – Just stopped by to see what’s on the menu today. WOW boxes, COOL BOXES!!! I know when I want a box that’s like no other I’ll look you up!!! I’m impressed!! Oh yea site looks great too!!! Keep up the great work Andrew, catch up with you later.

Justin W, Wichita Falls, USA

I have long loved the box. The shape, the feel, the energy and the pure inspiration I get from a box. These are some of the most fantastic I’ve ever seen and can only imagine what they must look like in person! Beautiful!!

Amy L, Morgan Hill, California, USA

For professionals in a hurry, or home woodworkers frustrated by ill-fitting lids, smartHinge is a revelation, a real Eureka moment … worth the cost for a quality result. They will transform your boxes and boxmaking.

Nick Gibbs, British Woodworking Magazine, UK

victorian farm – not only are you a superb craftsman but a budding actor as well!

Martin F, UK