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I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, and achieved my aims of solving cross-grain construction, scraper sharpening, and oil/wax finishing.
Neil Mc, UK

… the course was an absolute pleasure.

Joss A, UK

Hi – I really enjoyed the weekend – working with passionate, smart, like-minded people.

Garth L, Australia

I just put the hinges in the box and must say that they work really well, in combination with your magical router-table skills. The top and bottom are perfectly aligned which I was a bit worried about.

Frank E, UK

Apart from learning how to make a box I was able to see how I should organise my garage/workshop without spending a lot of money on expensive benches.

George McK, UK

I really enjoyed the two days and learned a huge amount in a short space of time (as well as ending up with a nice box). Thanks again for a great weekend.

David B, UK

Thanks for the Weekend and all your hospitality, and are very happy that i finally attended the course,

Lars P, Denmark

The most beautiful boxes I’ve ever seen.

Jim McD, Windsor, Colorado, USA

many thanks for the notes and indeed the whole weekend, which was excellent and has certainly provided me with new inspiration and many ‘tips n tricks’ to continue with my own modest efforts.

Anthony B, UK

The level of detail Andrew achieves is astonishing and his design work is second to none. Just look at the ‘coastal’ box (on the cover of his Celebrating Boxes book) and tell me you don’t want one! Congratulations on your site and your workmanship.

Kevin, Essex, UK

The boxes that you craft are amazing. I wish someone like you lived close to me and would teach me. Your work is inspirational to a young woodworker like me. Thanks

Robert J, USA