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Very many thanks … I hope the next course goes as well as ours did – I’ve certainly had many admirers of my box …
Corinne W, UK

Thank you for your hosting a great course last weekend. Very enjoyable.

Gareth B, UK

I can definitely confirm that both my wife and i thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend. The course was exactly what I had hoped for, so I am really very very pleased.

Bart C, Belgium

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the weekend – marvellous company and particularly good ‘tutoring’ with the just the right mix of information giving and experiential learning. And most importantly- Jane loves the box! Thanks again and I’ll be in touch for the week long session

Brian A, UK

All in all a great weekend which left me much wiser (also in things not to do 😉 and with a beautiful box. Just the lining now and it will be done.

Frank E, UK

Allison and I really enjoyed our weekend learning how to make boxes with you

Dominick J, UK

I enjoyed the day yesterday a great deal, thanks for all the help and instruction, as soon as I can find the time I will be trying to make some Cross-Banding for my box.

Andy N, UK

G’Day Andrew. Thanks again for the weekend I found it great fun and very informative It’s certainly given me plenty of ideas on what I should be doing next plus a whole heap of skills that I will need to work on.

Harry S, Australia

Man I just love your work. It’s so very beautiful.

Michael N, Boston, USA

The course has been hugely helpful and I am progressing in my box making skills, even though slower that what I’d like. Thanks a lot for your time and patience!

Egidio C, Milan, Italy

i really enjoyed the weekend you are a very good instructer.

Tom H, Australia