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Your designs are more then beautiful, they are art work in the purest form. I find myself visiting your site often for inspiration or to simply look over your collection. Simply wonderful.
Randy L, Ontario, Canada

The best woodworking course I’ve ever been on! Great workshop, really nice, genuine teacher, and the steak at lunch time was fantastic too!

Stephen B, UK

That [the box] is as good as it is is testament to the thought you have put in to both the design of the box and to the methods of production on the course to enable someone fairly ham fisted to produce an impressive result.

Colin H, UK

Hi Andrew, just wanted to say thanks for a superb weekend. The other half was very impressed with the box but is skeptical that I made it!

James R, UK

[smartHinge] – Andrew: I received my SmartLocks and SmartHinges and these are the highest quality I have seen. The beauty is unmatched except by their sturdy weight! I cant wait to get them cut into a box. These sir will make a fine addition to the quality of my boxes. Thank you sir!

Steve P, USA

Thankyou so much for an excellent weekend of boxmaking, you are a gifted teacher as well as artist/boxmaker. I acheived much more than I had expected as a novice woodworker. I definitely feel inspired to go on to do more and will be in touch …

Mark H, UK

Many thanks again for a revelatory two days. I’ve posted a longer thank-you on your facebook page in the hope that some other people may see it and be inspired to visit you!

Michael F, UK

Thank you very much for your hospitality, the CD with the nice photo’s and the fine week we had in Acton Scot.

Allen B, Holland

[smartHinge] – Just wanted to let you know the hinges came in last week and they are “beyondgorgeous”. I will be ordering more soon.

Terry W, US

Excellent workmanship, and beautiful woods, definately an art in it self.I would love to have your talents!!!

Dai B, Pembroke, Wales

Just a great big thanks to yourself and Hilary for the wonderful weekend that Geoff had with you. He has put two more layers of varnish on and has started to glue on the lining, he is so pleased with it you wouldn’t believe!

Denise W, UK