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Thanks for a great weekend.  The course was fantastic and I learnt loads of useful stuff.  I’m now inspired to develop and try new things.  I hope you make some headway with your hardware projects.  I’m sure I will see you again and look forward to th
Andrew M, UK

Just had to say your boxes, especialy the painter’s boxes, are the most beautiful artistry I’ve seen! Exquisite design, beautiful, beautiful wood. You are a true master of the craft, and I should hope your boxes will some day, in the future, be treasures in a museum (if they can get them away from the owners!). Thank You.

Susan, Wisconsin, USA

Your course was a real pleasure to attend,friendly, low key but practical and being able to ask those obvious questions that run alongside the different aspects is always important.

Graham S, UK

[smartHinge] – it really is a brilliant system

Geoffrey L, UK

Back in Australia now and almost settled enough to get the new workshop into action. It was wonderful to do the course and interact with you and the others. Very inspirational to spend time with a top craftsman.

Lyndon S, Australia

I just wanted to let you know that your handmade wooden boxes are among the finest looking I have seen yet. You are indeed a craftsman.

Michael McC, Ohio, USA

What I gained the most was to try and achieve the highest quality workmanship, not to settle for second best. Also very informative to see all the jigs and little workshop tips and tricks.

Lyndon S, Australia

Absolutely Beautiful Craftsmanship! Gorgeous!

Janina R, Vancouver, Canada

Thanks … for a great weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the course (which I hope was obvious!) and learned so much in terms of technique and tools. I now have to put some of that into practice .. but it does at least provide another excuse to buy more stuff from Axminster…..

Peter M, Dorset, UK

Im really even more motivated now and have a better Idea of sorting my gear out. Once again thank you for the special weekend …

Graham S, UK

… the three days spent in your workshop were wonderful and exceeded my expectations.

Sean G, UK