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[smartHinge] – I just received these hinges and found them to be the easiest hinges to install that I have ever used.
John F, USA

your work is very impressive.keep the fire burning .i’m only 16 and i’m doing my technology coursework on jewellery boxes and yours is the 2nd best i’ve seen .good work

Paida, Birmingham, UK

Very interesting site. Keep it up. Poor old Henrietta; do you treat all your women like this!!

Jim B, Chichester, UK

I have learned much about precision woodworking: setting up machines accurately, attention to detail, getting up close with good light and magnifiers, not accepting near enough is good enough, careful use of abrasives to avoid spoiling detail, finishing carefully – and a lot of patience!

Dave B, UK

[smartHinge] – it really is a brilliant system

Geoffrey L, UK

…  thank you for the time spent with you last week. I found the entire day most profitable and educational. Thanks again for a super day.

Stuart D, UK

I just wanted to let you know that your handmade wooden boxes are among the finest looking I have seen yet. You are indeed a craftsman.

Michael McC, Ohio, USA

I wanted to thank you for what was an excellent weekend. I was so enthused by the first introduction to box making that it has left me wanting more. I’m sure that I am not alone in being enthused by your passion for box making …

Andrew F, UK

This is a very nice website Andrew Crawford. I especially liked your “Treasure Island Jewellery Casket” Did you spell that yourself?

Jodie N, USA

I was very proud of what I achieved with your expert guidance. The small group size was perfect. Being a less experienced woodworker, I learned so much and I’ll definitely be looking at using power tools!

Keith H, UK

I was impressed with your set-up and I very much enjoyed the 2 days. It was amazing how you coped with one absolute novice and another who seemed to have quite extensive knowledge and technical ability. Many, many thanks.

Nigel T, UK