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 … I am really motivated to get myself kitted up over the coming months and start making some wonderful book boxes.
Glenn M, UK

I had a fantastic weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed learning your techniques and working with the group.

Cathy B, UK

That was the best woodworking course I have done – and I have done a few.

Graham T, UK

Thank you very much indeed for an excellent 5 days in your workshop, learning different techniques and methods, which, as you say, will be transferable to larger pieces of furniture.

Andrew A, UK

… i just got the box finished today (Sunday) – And getting lots of admiration. I really enjoyed the course and the relaxed and informative way you deliver it, plus the banter and the few tunes

John C, Galway, Ireland

What an adventure! Andrew is a true master of the craft, and expertly shared and showed us how to reach new levels of craftsmanship … the classmates, Barry and Terry were great to spend time with, and we all left with a completed box ! Can’t get any better then that. Andrew gets an A+ for organization guidance and hosting …

Dave C, USA

 – we could have dedicated the entire issue [of BWW] to the tips I learnt …

Nick Gibbs, Editor, British Woodworking

I really enjoyed the weekend and it’s inspired some other ideas that I’m going to try.

Greg A, UK

  I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic weekend – It has really inspired me to get stuck in again – and taught me so much – I’ve built many of the jigs and aids we used and a veneer press of sorts …

Stephen B, UK

Firstly,thank you for a most enjoyable course last week. The box that I made … elicited many positive comments.

Keith B, UK

Thank you for a really interesting and very helpful course. I have taken away many ideas and tips/tricks.

Mike P, UK