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The boxes that you craft are amazing. I wish someone like you lived close to me and would teach me. Your work is inspirational to a young woodworker like me. Thanks
Robert J, USA

I am astonished at the craftsmanship and quality in your work

Wesley B, Mississippi, USA

I really enjoyed last week and think I learned a lot. Shropshire was a revelation I must investigate further. Many thanks again for making it such a positive course.

Keith H, UK

Personally, I learned an awful lot from the detailed information and guidance you provided. It was so much better that reading and video “learning” processes.

Jim R, UK

I enjoyed your company and that of the other students and considered the weekend very good value. Thank you 

George McK, UK

[smartHinge] – The hinges arrived safely and have been installed. So easy to work with and look really great – they add a new dimension to a box. Will send another order in due course. Congratulations.

Tony D, Australia

  I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic weekend – It has really inspired me to get stuck in again – and taught me so much – I’ve built many of the jigs and aids we used and a veneer press of sorts …

Stephen B, UK

What I gained the most was to try and achieve the highest quality workmanship, not to settle for second best. Also very informative to see all the jigs and little workshop tips and tricks.

Lyndon S, Australia

I came across your site by chance, while doing a search for boxes. I am so glad I took the detour … if I hadn’t I would have missed the most beautiful wood creations I’ve seen that are made in this century. I love 17th and 18th century furniture, with beautiful inlays and curves. Your work is breathtaking art and skill at it’s finest.

Lesley, Canada

Thank you for your hosting a great course last weekend. Very enjoyable.

Gareth B, UK

You are an excellent teacher who knows his subject and knows how to pass that information on to your students.

Dave G, UK