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Firstly,thank you for a most enjoyable course last week. The box that I made … elicited many positive comments.
Keith B, UK

[smartHinge] – Thank you for going to the trouble of designing and getting this wonderful hinge made. The hinge is easy to fit, unobtrusive, strong and good-looking. It is the first box hinge that I’ve not had to adjust or change in anyway.

Duke Christie

Thanks for having me in your workshop for five days, Andrew. I enjoyed it immensely … I came away from the week with some valuable learnings – especially the ‘why’s’ of some of your ways of tackling tasks, your jig-based approach to simplifying and speeding up processes and your thoughts on keeping this particular type of box simple in design.

Brian H, Australia

[smartHinge] – Your hinges are an absolute joy to use.

Allan W, UK

Kudos to Andrew! Wonderful box work… 🙂

John T, Michigan, USA

Thanks again for the first class learning experience, you have opened up a whole world of precision work to me.

Phil S, UK

I had a brilliant weekend, learning a huge amount with a great deal of fun throughout … the two days passed so quickly thanks to you and the other guys.

Geoffrey L, UK

Just like to say thank you for the five days. I learned a lot – and produced a halfway decent box. Nobody has noticed the router runoff and I’m not about to point it out. A major tidy up is underway in my workshop and I’ll see what I can produce on my own!

Cyril V, UK

I’m a total beginner, but now I feel a beginner with the confidence and knowledge necessary (here’s hoping) to be able to eventually produce similarly wonderful boxes at home. Or at least get started  

Bryony W, Stroud, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and am impressed with what I managed to do with your guidance. There is hope for this frustrated perfectionist!

Rick C, UK

Thanks for a great weekend.  The course was fantastic and I learnt loads of useful stuff.  I’m now inspired to develop and try new things.  I hope you make some headway with your hardware projects.  I’m sure I will see you again and look forward to th

Andrew M, UK