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I want to thank you again for the good teaching and the practical information. I almost learned more in those two days than I did here in Belgium in a whole year.
Herman V, Belgium

I’m just back home after a wonderful day out at the Festival Hall. I took my 18 year old daughter Rachel, the singer, and we both enjoyed the music very much. What a gifted artist you are, to play so beautifully and to make such fabulous boxes. When the piccolo box is ready, will you play your flute for me when I come and collect the box?

Hannah M, UK

It really was a great pleasure to have some insight into your world of box making and learn to appreciate the skills, experience and craftsmanship that you bring to the subject.

Peter A, Wiltshire, UK

Thanks, Andrew – it was a very interesting group with great banter and I don’t think we minded about the bit of work to do back home. The snow certainly added to the fun, and the delays, but it helped to make a very memorable and worthwhile five days

Dave W, UK

Thank you for … a great weekend. I certainly learnt new skills …

Colum L, UK

I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and if there is one thing I have learned about your methods Is that everything is in the detail and by yesterday evening the results of this were beginning to come alive.

Ray P, UK

last week did a 5 day one to one course with Andrew and had a fanatic time. Very good teacher, and lovely company.

Bryony W, Stroud, UK

Many thanks for your tuition on the course – I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it has rekindled my desire to get back into my own workshop.

Gordon W, UK

Thank you very much for the excellent course you gave last weekend and it has filled me with enthusiasm to go further!

Richard E, UK

Stunning work! As a fellow woodworkerette, I can appreciate the artistry, and creativity involved in the beauty of your work. I can tell it comes from within. Congratulations, and my compliments!

Jacquie Y, Bixby, Oklahoma, USA

Hi – I really enjoyed the weekend – working with passionate, smart, like-minded people.

Garth L, Australia