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[smartHinge] – Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? This is a phrase that is often quoted when a breakthrough occurs in almost every field of human expertise and it is certainly true of the smartHinge. Fitting these hinges is very straightforward and easy …
Robert Ingham, Furniture & Cabinetmaking Magazine

I enjoyed the day yesterday a great deal, thanks for all the help and instruction, as soon as I can find the time I will be trying to make some Cross-Banding for my box.

Andy N, UK

Just a great big thanks to yourself and Hilary for the wonderful weekend that Geoff had with you. He has put two more layers of varnish on and has started to glue on the lining, he is so pleased with it you wouldn’t believe!

Denise W, UK

I was impressed with your set-up and I very much enjoyed the 2 days. It was amazing how you coped with one absolute novice and another who seemed to have quite extensive knowledge and technical ability. Many, many thanks.

Nigel T, UK

Thank you so much for a splendid weekend—it exceeded my very high expectations! I am looking forward to using some of the techniques I learnt on some other projects.

Tony McL, UK

… thanks for such an informative, constructive and enjoyable course. The other participants added to the whole ambience.

Gordon H, UK

Thank you, I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot that will start me on my way to a happy and productive retirement.

Andy B, UK

I had an excellent time and learned a great deal, thank you. Plenty of ‘food for thought’.

George G, UK

Absolutely loved the weekend. It was a real joy, but also hard enough work to know I’d done something. So impressed what you were able to teach us so quickly.

Nick Gibbs, Editor, British Woodworking

your work is very impressive.keep the fire burning .i’m only 16 and i’m doing my technology coursework on jewellery boxes and yours is the 2nd best i’ve seen .good work

Paida, Birmingham, UK

Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

Andy F, Russia