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Excellent workmanship, and beautiful woods, definately an art in it self.I would love to have your talents!!!
Dai B, Pembroke, Wales

Very many thanks … I hope the next course goes as well as ours did – I’ve certainly had many admirers of my box …

Corinne W, UK

Thank you very much again for your patient tuition. It was a great privilege to spend so much time with you, and to acquire so many skills. Do I have any criticisms of the course ? I cannot think of a single one. It was superb throughout.

Robert D, UK

Thankyou for the wonderful weekend I would highly recommend this to any woodworker …

Chris C, UK

4 is a very good number in that at certain points we were able to help/teach each other.  And we all came away with really beautiful boxes.  So a very big thank you.  And the coffee was very good….

Graham T, UK

All the tips and techniques that you taught us were fantastic. Really enjoyed it.

Colin W, UK

Stunning work! As a fellow woodworkerette, I can appreciate the artistry, and creativity involved in the beauty of your work. I can tell it comes from within. Congratulations, and my compliments!

Jacquie Y, Bixby, Oklahoma, USA

As before I brought away with me some very useful tips and advice. All good stuff. Thanks for the coffee – always appreciated!

Mike P, UK

It was great to see how you combine a number of interesting activities that on the one hand attract international customers but at the same time support the local economy.

Bart C, Belgium

The best woodworking course I’ve ever been on! Great workshop, really nice, genuine teacher, and the steak at lunch time was fantastic too!

Stephen B, UK

Thank you for introducing me to the art and craft of box making.You are a most excellent and patient teacher.

Philip L, UK