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Absolutely beautiful boxes – I fully appreciate them as I am a full time boxmaker myself. Maybe one day we’ll be fortunate enough to cross paths 
Brian C, Durban, South Africa

I write to thank you for your patience and attention during my stumbling progress towards making my first box. I learned much and now have to summon up the confidence to buy some equipment in order to replicate the result without your help.

Roger H, UK

Greetings. I wanted to thank you again for the recent weekend course which was outstanding, inspirational and very well organised. As a retired psychologist I can attest that you certainly have mastered what is required to deliver such an event. Well done…I have and will recommend it to others.

Michael P, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and am impressed with what I managed to do with your guidance. There is hope for this frustrated perfectionist!

Rick C, UK

Thank you for a really interesting and very helpful course. I have taken away many ideas and tips/tricks.

Mike P, UK

Hi Andrew …… it was a great pleasure to meet you too …I had the most wonderful time and enjoyed your course immensely. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend!

Shona K, UK

For professionals in a hurry, or home woodworkers frustrated by ill-fitting lids, smartHinge is a revelation, a real Eureka moment … worth the cost for a quality result. They will transform your boxes and boxmaking.

Nick Gibbs, British Woodworking Magazine, UK

Many thanks for an interesting weekend of box making. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing the box completely finished.

Rob D, UK

Thank you for introducing me to the art and craft of box making.You are a most excellent and patient teacher.

Philip L, UK

Andrew first of all let me say thank you for the wonderful weekend I hope to repeat it in the not too distant future. I think that I have change my whole approach to box making because of the ideas you’ve given me.

Wyn S, UK

I am already missing the tranquillity of your workshop and your good natured tutoring … just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks again for a great weekend, I have left with inspiration and fond memories, not to mention TWO bespoke boxes  ??

Ian McC, UK