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I had one of the best informative and enjoyable times of my life over the weekend, my head is buzzing with loads of ideas and information.
Chris C, UK

It was great to see how you combine a number of interesting activities that on the one hand attract international customers but at the same time support the local economy.

Bart C, Belgium

Excellent workmanship, and beautiful woods, definately an art in it self.I would love to have your talents!!!

Dai B, Pembroke, Wales

Thanks again for the course last week – I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and you’ve inspired me into a new hobby!

Chris O, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. It gave me excellent insights into the equipment and processes needed to make fine boxes… I feel I have gained some basic skills now but I will have to put in a lot of practice to improve them! You may see me back in the future some time for additional tuition!

Derek E, UK

Have to say just a very skilled teacher, accommodating , really knows his stuff and I have left with a new found awe of box making and resolve to continue onwards with I from here.

Bryony W, Stroud, UK

I completed my box and found the weekend very helpful and informative. I hope to get up next year for a one to one.

Chris B, UK

Looking back now, what I got out of the 3 days was both confidence in how to do things and just superb techniques. I know all of these will stay with me – and there is no greater compliment of a training course than being able to say that.

Martin C, Kent, UK

Thanks for a very instructive weekend! I am looking forward to finishing my box. Thank you so much for the clear instruction – you have opened up a number of techniques I had not previously tried which is great.

Paul M, UK

For professionals in a hurry, or home woodworkers frustrated by ill-fitting lids, smartHinge is a revelation, a real Eureka moment … worth the cost for a quality result. They will transform your boxes and boxmaking.

Nick Gibbs, British Woodworking Magazine, UK

Your workshop and location cannot be bettered for ambiance and beauty. I only wish I had started to learn 20 years ago … thanks again, be warned I will be back

Philip L, UK