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 … your case was a hit at the festival in Nova Scotia. Everyone from Chris Norman and Matthias Maute to Rachel Brown and Pat Olwell himself admired it a great deal.
David M, USA

Thank you for an excellent weekend – I really enjoyed the whole process and am looking forward to completing/finishing the box.

Peter G , UK

just a few lines now that the dust has settled, figuratively and literally, to say thanks again so much for the class a few weeks back. To say that I learned a lot and also had a lovely weekend would be an understatement.

Andy S, UK

Many many thanks for an interesting and enjoyable three days tuition and especially for your flexibility that allowed us to cover a great many aspects of box-making. I feel well advanced in several areas.

Digby M, Edinburgh, UK

[smartHinge] – Deliciously simple, superb!

Jonathan R, Wiltshire, UK

Can I say a huge thank you for my course, I have learnt so much from you together with the way it was put across,thanks. The coffee was good as well!

Ray L, UK

I really enjoyed the weekend and it’s inspired some other ideas that I’m going to try.

Greg A, UK

The only thing I can say is “WOW” what beautiful work!

Cathy B, Maryland, USA

victorian farm – not only are you a superb craftsman but a budding actor as well!

Martin F, UK

Im really even more motivated now and have a better Idea of sorting my gear out. Once again thank you for the special weekend …

Graham S, UK

Rapture of raptures. Arrived via rocking horses near York. Adore boxes, adore wood, play the flute and early(ish) music myself. This is a wonderful site / sight.

Annie T, Huddersfield, UK