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Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the tuition last weekend. Dad and myself really enjoyed our weekend in your workshop, and left feeling very inspired (and slightly daunted!) by the level of perfectionism that you give to your work.
Chris S, UK

All the tips and techniques that you taught us were fantastic. Really enjoyed it.

Colin W, UK

Andy, it was great to meet you. Thanks very much for a simply fantastic class. It was well laid out, taught at just the right pace and tantalising enough to show what can be learned with planning, practice and thought.

Pete K, UK

I’m a total beginner, but now I feel a beginner with the confidence and knowledge necessary (here’s hoping) to be able to eventually produce similarly wonderful boxes at home. Or at least get started  

Bryony W, Stroud, UK

We just wanted to say what a lovely time we had across with you.

Karen & Paul B, UK

Andrew is a flute player himself, so he does understand about instrument cases. The case he made for me is as light and compact as it is possible to make it, yet the flute seems perfectly protected … it is truly wonderful.

Robert Bigio - flute maker, UK

… thank you for your patient explanation of how to construct better boxes and your attention to fine detail. We both came away with a better appreciation of our skill levels and how to improve upon them.

Peter S, UK

I was impressed with your set-up and I very much enjoyed the 2 days. It was amazing how you coped with one absolute novice and another who seemed to have quite extensive knowledge and technical ability. Many, many thanks.

Nigel T, UK

Thank you for your mail and the wonderful course. I really enjoyed the 5 days with you, and I think I learned a lot.

Carsten N, Denmark

Thank you so much for all your kindness, patience and guidance over the weekend. It was quite the best workshop I have attended.

Paul S, Wiltshire, UK

I love the way you work- a man after my own heart; KISS- Keep It Simple Stupid as someone once advised me!! (Not that I’m saying it’s all simple….)

Cathy B, UK