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thanks for the course, I’ve been genuinely chuffed with what I achieved.
Dave J, UK

[smartHinge] – Wow!!  Beautiful!!

Lew L, US

I had a great time with you over the weekend. It was fascinating to see how you create your boxes and how willing you are to encourage others. The mix of people was good too and I think we all got something different from the time.

Rob C, UK

I got the flute case home in perfect condition, though I must admit I drove about as carefully as I ever have.  Particularly round the bends!  Having got it home, it’s growing and growing on me (not that I didn’t admire it hugely already).  A truly beautiful object, and staggeringly functional – it even seemed to improve my flute practice today, in that everything I needed was readily to hand, including the picc, which is great.

Ben H, UK

Hi Andrew – Just stopped by to see what’s on the menu today. WOW boxes, COOL BOXES!!! I know when I want a box that’s like no other I’ll look you up!!! I’m impressed!! Oh yea site looks great too!!! Keep up the great work Andrew, catch up with you later.

Justin W, Wichita Falls, USA

[smartHinge] – All I can say is WOW – these things install like a dream, and the quality is exceptional. I can highly recommend them…

Brice McCartney, USA

That was the best woodworking course I have done – and I have done a few.

Graham T, UK

I had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and if there is one thing I have learned about your methods Is that everything is in the detail and by yesterday evening the results of this were beginning to come alive.

Ray P, UK

Apart from learning how to make a box I was able to see how I should organise my garage/workshop without spending a lot of money on expensive benches.

George McK, UK

Your work is absolutely stunning! As a fellow woodworker, I can appreciate the talent and professionalism put forth into your work.

Ray T, Texas, USA

Hi Andrew – I enjoyed your course enormously, many thanks. I thought you were due a few days off, but thanks for the notes.

Dave E, UK