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I really enjoyed the course I have learnt so much from that weekend and I am definitely taking it up as a hobby
Bob W, UK

Thomas and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thomas is already halfway through his first solo box and doing a really good job. He says his first box is so much better than mine!

Paul H, UK

thanks for the course, I’ve been genuinely chuffed with what I achieved.

Dave J, UK

I particularly appreciated your teaching techniques where you walked the line between moving the activity forward while catering for the many questions and conversations that naturally come out of these sort of sessions. I know how hard it is to stay on track in these sort of situations and I thought you handled it brilliantly.

Stephen R, Australia

[smartHinge] – Your hinges are an absolute joy to use.

Allan W, UK

What an adventure! Andrew is a true master of the craft, and expertly shared and showed us how to reach new levels of craftsmanship … the classmates, Barry and Terry were great to spend time with, and we all left with a completed box ! Can’t get any better then that. Andrew gets an A+ for organization guidance and hosting …

Dave C, USA

Apart from learning how to make a box I was able to see how I should organise my garage/workshop without spending a lot of money on expensive benches.

George McK, UK

I have long loved the box. The shape, the feel, the energy and the pure inspiration I get from a box. These are some of the most fantastic I’ve ever seen and can only imagine what they must look like in person! Beautiful!!

Amy L, Morgan Hill, California, USA

Absolutely Beautiful Craftsmanship! Gorgeous!

Janina R, Vancouver, Canada

You have a very special environment you have created that allows you to be both creative – which you naturally are – and to be where you want to be in this increasingly stressful world!! The standard and quality of the work that you teach and produce is exceptional, and certainly sets the bar for any aspiring novices such as myself.

Jamie F, UK

Thanks so much for the course, it was so good!

Mike P, UK