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many thanks for the notes and indeed the whole weekend, which was excellent and has certainly provided me with new inspiration and many ‘tips n tricks’ to continue with my own modest efforts.
Anthony B, UK

I just had to tell you that I have both your books, and your boxes are incredible. I’m looking forward to your new book!

Steve D, Vancouver, Canada

[smartHinge] – Andrew: I received my SmartLocks and SmartHinges and these are the highest quality I have seen. The beauty is unmatched except by their sturdy weight! I cant wait to get them cut into a box. These sir will make a fine addition to the quality of my boxes. Thank you sir!

Steve P, USA

I was very proud of what I achieved with your expert guidance. The small group size was perfect. Being a less experienced woodworker, I learned so much and I’ll definitely be looking at using power tools!

Keith H, UK

Thank you for a great weekend that was most enjoyable and rewarding.  Not to mention to meet some great like minded people.

Scott K, USA

Thanks so much for the course, it was so good!

Mike P, UK

… thank you for an extremely enjoyable and informative weekend.

Terry S, London

Very many thanks … I hope the next course goes as well as ours did – I’ve certainly had many admirers of my box …

Corinne W, UK

The many techniques shown will serve me well in many different areas … Thanks also for your hospitality…. hope to meet you gain in the not too distant future for another class.

Pete K, UK

I arrived home to find your very beautiful box where my P.A.Dupré/Quantz sleeps now in beauty. Much, much nicer than I was expecting; I am absolutely thrilled with your workmanship.

Paulo E, Spain

I learned an incredible amount in the two days we had together. I think I will practise for a year or so, then come back and tune it up …

Cheri B, Vancouver