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Thanks, Andrew, for your fine craftsmanship on the flute case. It exceeded my high expectations. You’re a master.
Andrew S, USA

[smartLock] – the quality of the lock and key is amazing – just what I was looking for!! … for all my future projects I will only use your hardware as it is so superior to anything else out there in the marketplace.

Steven S, USA

Hi Andrew, just wanted to say thanks for a superb weekend. The other half was very impressed with the box but is skeptical that I made it!

James R, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and found it to be everything that I had hoped for, and more …

Harvey T, UK

All in all a great weekend which left me much wiser (also in things not to do 😉 and with a beautiful box. Just the lining now and it will be done.

Frank E, UK

Thank you again for an incredible weekend; it was just too short!

Roger C, UK

Wow!!! I never thought some one could make such beatiful things. I´m impress. Really man, your work is amazing!

Lorena T

I learned an incredible amount in the two days we had together. I think I will practise for a year or so, then come back and tune it up …

Cheri B, Vancouver

[smartHinge] – Deliciously simple, superb!

Jonathan R, Wiltshire, UK

…  thank you for the time spent with you last week. I found the entire day most profitable and educational. Thanks again for a super day.

Stuart D, UK

I was very proud of what I achieved with your expert guidance. The small group size was perfect. Being a less experienced woodworker, I learned so much and I’ll definitely be looking at using power tools!

Keith H, UK