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[smartHinge] – awesome hinges, ingenious simplicity. they look great and so easy to fit …
Scott W, UK

Explanations as to the ‘why’ of things drove the message home and got me thinking and even dreaming of new projects in my own workshop.  While inspirational might seem like hyperbole, that was my experience

Arthur T, USA

Thanks for all this information and for an excellent weekend. I learned a tremendous amount and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Now I need to keep active with the boxes despite all distractions!

Dave P, UK

many thanks for the notes and indeed the whole weekend, which was excellent and has certainly provided me with new inspiration and many ‘tips n tricks’ to continue with my own modest efforts.

Anthony B, UK

[smartHinge] – I just received these hinges and found them to be the easiest hinges to install that I have ever used.

John F, USA

I particularly appreciated your teaching techniques where you walked the line between moving the activity forward while catering for the many questions and conversations that naturally come out of these sort of sessions. I know how hard it is to stay on track in these sort of situations and I thought you handled it brilliantly.

Stephen R, Australia

… I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and the others, I gained a great deal from the weekend and I hope to produce my own fine boxes in the not to distant future.

Martin G, UK

After having a few days to ponder the week and think about where I’m going from here with my boxmaking, I find I am more committed than ever.  The week was just what I had hoped for and more.

Roger B, US

… the course was an absolute pleasure.

Joss A, UK

Congratulations. Speaking as a fellow professional woodworker, I am glad to know there are craftspeople like you who succeed not only in representing themselves so beautifully, but also in representing our profession with such grace and understatement. Thanks.

Kevin McR, Oakland, CA, USA

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you and the other delegates, and I certainly took lots away from your teaching.

Andy S, UK