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[smartHinge] … the ease of installing compared to quadrant hinges is a great plus, as well as the general neatness, robustness and precision.
Alex S, Australia

Thank you for a great weekend that was most enjoyable and rewarding.  Not to mention to meet some great like minded people.

Scott K, USA

We just wanted to say what a lovely time we had across with you.

Karen & Paul B, UK

The knowledge and experience you have and your willingness to share both was greatly appreciated. The experience has reinvigorated me and reaffirmed my wish to make workshop time a key part of each week.

Sean G, UK

thank-you for the 3 days of tuition. The one-to-one tuition was performed in a nice relaxed friendly atmosphere. A very enjoyable time spent in your work shop picking your brains and delving into your knowledge – which was expounded generously. Thanks for the course. It really was excellent. I did learn a lot.

Andrew B, UK

My reason for coming along … was primarily to get started on making boxes to as high a standard as I could manage, but the course delivered on so many other levels.

Harvey T, UK

These are some of the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen. I’ve made a few lap desks and stationary boxes out of cherry and pre-engineered veneer – but your’s are incredible!!! WOW I’m impressed.

Mike W, Virginia, USA

Inspiring to a budding box and case maker from Down Under. Often find myself viewing your gallery for inspiration – with many a “how did he do that?” moment mixed in.

Ben, Australia

Man I just love your work. It’s so very beautiful.

Michael N, Boston, USA

… thanks for such an informative, constructive and enjoyable course. The other participants added to the whole ambience.

Gordon H, UK

[smartHinge] – very nice and super-easy to install

Antti A, Finland