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The all new smartButt :


Designed for those who prefer a traditional butt hinge to the now common side-rail hinges, but don’t want a square knuckle jutting out from the back of their box, or the fuss of fitting a separate stop.


Incorporating a hidden integral stop at 93˚ within the elegant, fully rounded knuckle, the new smartButt can be fitted in the traditional position with the centre of the pin in line with the back of your box This avoids having to have the whole of an unsightly square knuckle protruding from back of your box.


This also avoids the wide gap opens up between the box and lid when open, like the image on the right below:


The only option to avoid this wide gap and the unsightly protrusion with this style of hinge, is to perform a secondary machining operation to remove material above and below the knuckle to allow it to rotate:



Above is an example of what’s necessary to align the pin of a square-knuckled siderail hinge with the back of a box.


All these unsatisfactory compromises are now unnecessary with the new smartButt!


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polished brass, stainless steel