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My name is Andrew Crawford. Based in the UK, I’ve been a flute player for 40 years and a box maker for more than 30. In recent years my professional activities have shifted from playing and making to writing and running box making courses.


I have also been developing my all British made smartWare, widely hailed as the finest quality, easiest to fit box hardware available. As a result, smartWaresmartHinge and smartLock – is now the hardware of choice for discerning box makers, professional and amateur alike, across the globe. I also offer a select range of high quality box-related materials – inlay lines, lining materials, abrasives and more.


The box making courses I run in my recently extended and refurbished smartBoxmaker workshops, deep in the south Shropshire hills, have benefited hundreds of box makers from around the world. Suitable for all levels of experience, the processes and general approach I teach are transferrable to a wide range of disciplines.


My books, ‘The Book of Boxes’ [Stobart Davies, 1993], ‘Fine Decorative Boxes’ [Sterling, 1998], two of the earliest specialist box making titles, and ‘Celebrating Boxes’ [Stobart Davies, 2001 with Peter Lloyd], continue to be popular sources for technique and inspiration. A new title, ‘The Incomplete Guide to Box Making’ is nearing completion …


The fine-boxes slideshow is a good introduction to my various activities. And please subscribe to my popular newsletter [at the bottom of any page] for the latest on new and developing products, course dates and much more.

fine boxes slideshow - a random introduction to the world of fine boxes, with a few surprises along the way
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