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Can’t thankyou enough for the weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Paul H, UK

Many thanks for your help and assistance during my two days. The relaxed approach suited me and your willingness to answer my questions appreciated. I have gained some invaluable knowledge that would have taken forever without your assistance.

Andy H, Laurencekirk, UK

I just wanted to say “Thank You” for having me as a student a few weeks back.  I had a wonderful time attending and would enjoy another class of one-to-one when I’m back in the time zone.

Bob P, USA

Greetings. I wanted to thank you again for the recent weekend course which was outstanding, inspirational and very well organised. As a retired psychologist I can attest that you certainly have mastered what is required to deliver such an event. Well done…I have and will recommend it to others.

Michael P, UK

Hi Andrew, just wanted to add a note of appreciation for going out of your way to allow me to be involved in the recent workshop. It was a real thrill to meet you and the other guys and have many conversations about our wood working journeys.

Stephen R, Australia

For professionals in a hurry, or home woodworkers frustrated by ill-fitting lids, smartHinge is a revelation, a real Eureka moment … worth the cost for a quality result. They will transform your boxes and boxmaking.

Nick Gibbs, British Woodworking Magazine, UK

[smartHinge] – the hinges are beautifully made and desinged thank you.

Mark K, UK

[smartHinge] – Fitting instructions were first class and they went on quickly, without drama and look great

Keith M, UK

The gorgeous flute case came yesterday, beautifully wrapped and quite safe.  I am thrilled with it, thanks so much.  My Haynes is now lovingly living in his new box!!

Susan H, UK

  I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic weekend – It has really inspired me to get stuck in again – and taught me so much – I’ve built many of the jigs and aids we used and a veneer press of sorts …

Stephen B, UK

[smartHinge] – Thank you for going to the trouble of designing and getting this wonderful hinge made. The hinge is easy to fit, unobtrusive, strong and good-looking. It is the first box hinge that I’ve not had to adjust or change in anyway.

Duke Christie