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Many thanks again for a great (if exhausting!) weekend. I learnt an amazing amount. … I’m extremely pleased with the end product, especially in view of the number of techniques that were new to me. All credit to the teacher!
David S, UK

Very many thanks … I hope the next course goes as well as ours did – I’ve certainly had many admirers of my box …

Corinne W, UK

Thank you for the wonderful weekend experience.  William was very pleased with his birthday present, he is often indifferent and doesn’t show much interest in things (my dad is keen on him finding more active and sociable hobbies), so this was a big success!

John G, UK

I just wanted to let you know that your handmade wooden boxes are among the finest looking I have seen yet. You are indeed a craftsman.

Michael McC, Ohio, USA

I very much enjoyed the course – and what a lovely place! So sorry about the extractor switch line – hope your young man managed to fix it okay!

Haein S, UK

Can I say a huge thank you for my course, I have learnt so much from you together with the way it was put across,thanks. The coffee was good as well!

Ray L, UK

I just put the hinges in the box and must say that they work really well, in combination with your magical router-table skills. The top and bottom are perfectly aligned which I was a bit worried about.

Frank E, UK

Personally, I learned an awful lot from the detailed information and guidance you provided. It was so much better that reading and video “learning” processes.

Jim R, UK

Hi Andrew …… it was a great pleasure to meet you too …I had the most wonderful time and enjoyed your course immensely. Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend!

Shona K, UK

Thank you for a very interesting and stimulating weekend. I went away full of enthusiasm and eager to attempt more boxes using the vast selection of wood that I have been lucky enough to inherit.

Mike N, UK

[smartHinge] – Your hinges are an absolute joy to use.

Allan W, UK