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Personally, I learned an awful lot from the detailed information and guidance you provided. It was so much better that reading and video “learning” processes.
Jim R, UK

As before I brought away with me some very useful tips and advice. All good stuff. Thanks for the coffee – always appreciated!

Mike P, UK

Really enjoyed the weekend! You are a great teacher and your tips and tricks will be invaluable. I would really love to come back to learn more.

Paul B, Essex, UK

Everybody was so impressed with the inlay and the lid (we) you did!! I honestly feel my box making will improve 100% as a benefit of spending time with you.

Graham P, UK

[smartHinge] – I just received these hinges and found them to be the easiest hinges to install that I have ever used.

John F, USA

Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

Andy F, Russia

Thanks for a great weekend — I really learned a lot. Now I need to put it all into practice.

Gordon W, UK

[smartHinge] – the hinges fitted perfectly – I will say now the hinges you have developed are the only hinges I will use for any other box I make – they are fantastic.

Steve G, UK

[smartHinge] – from now on, these are the hinges I will be using wherever I can.

Alex S, Australia

Kudos to Andrew! Wonderful box work… 🙂

John T, Michigan, USA

i like your shoes