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thanks for the course, I’ve been genuinely chuffed with what I achieved.
Dave J, UK

thanks for weekend it was very enjoyable! You are a patient and encouraging teacher as well as an exceptional box maker.

Colin H, UK

… the three days spent in your workshop were wonderful and exceeded my expectations.

Sean G, UK

[smartHinge] – from now on, these are the hinges I will be using wherever I can.

Alex S, Australia

I particularly appreciated your teaching techniques where you walked the line between moving the activity forward while catering for the many questions and conversations that naturally come out of these sort of sessions. I know how hard it is to stay on track in these sort of situations and I thought you handled it brilliantly.

Stephen R, Australia

We just wanted to say what a lovely time we had across with you.

Karen & Paul B, UK

Andrew, first of all a big thankyou for a very enjoyable long weekend – certainly one of the best indulgences I’ve had for a long time and a most refreshing change from what I normally do for fun!

Dave B, UK

For the aspiring cellist to spend three days with Yo-Yo Ma would be something special, certainly. For an aspiring box maker to spend three days one-on-one with Andrew Crawford is similar. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to visit Andrew’s shop in Shropshire, and had such a great experience others might like to hear about it.

Roger B, USA

Thank you for your generosity in authoring “Decorative Boxes”. Artist/authors so often hold back so called ‘secrets’. The depth and detail was a gift for which I am most grateful.

Dave C, USA

Absolutely Beautiful Craftsmanship! Gorgeous!

Janina R, Vancouver, Canada

[smartHinge] – Thank you for going to the trouble of designing and getting this wonderful hinge made. The hinge is easy to fit, unobtrusive, strong and good-looking. It is the first box hinge that I’ve not had to adjust or change in anyway.

Duke Christie