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I had a superb time last last weekend and ended up with a great box to show for it!  Thanks for being such a great bunch of chaps and makingit all the more enjoyable for being so.
Richard G, UK

Thank you for a really interesting and very helpful course. I have taken away many ideas and tips/tricks.

Mike P, UK

For the aspiring cellist to spend three days with Yo-Yo Ma would be something special, certainly. For an aspiring box maker to spend three days one-on-one with Andrew Crawford is similar. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure to visit Andrew’s shop in Shropshire, and had such a great experience others might like to hear about it.

Roger B, USA

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the weekend – marvellous company and particularly good ‘tutoring’ with the just the right mix of information giving and experiential learning. And most importantly- Jane loves the box! Thanks again and I’ll be in touch for the week long session

Brian A, UK

Thanks again for all your help last week. I really learned a lot. It’s great to view the craft from another maker’s perspective.

Rolf B, Australia

We really enjoyed ourselves and learned so much – thank you for being so patient! Thank you too for all this follow up information – very helpful. I keep thinking about all those cuff links………madness! Hope to see you again soon.

Barbara A, UK

The level of detail Andrew achieves is astonishing and his design work is second to none. Just look at the ‘coastal’ box (on the cover of his Celebrating Boxes book) and tell me you don’t want one! Congratulations on your site and your workmanship.

Kevin, Essex, UK

Congratulations. Speaking as a fellow professional woodworker, I am glad to know there are craftspeople like you who succeed not only in representing themselves so beautifully, but also in representing our profession with such grace and understatement. Thanks.

Kevin McR, Oakland, CA, USA

Just a quick note to say thanks for your time and patience and for a great weekend. I am really pleased with the quality of box we managed to produce I such a short time.

Dave W, UK

Thanks again for a brilliant day!

Martin H, Oxford

I just wanted to let you know that your handmade wooden boxes are among the finest looking I have seen yet. You are indeed a craftsman.

Michael McC, Ohio, USA