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Thank you for a very interesting and stimulating weekend. I went away full of enthusiasm and eager to attempt more boxes using the vast selection of wood that I have been lucky enough to inherit.
Mike N, UK

Explanations as to the ‘why’ of things drove the message home and got me thinking and even dreaming of new projects in my own workshop.  While inspirational might seem like hyperbole, that was my experience

Arthur T, USA

I had a really enjoyable and informative weekend. I found your approach refreshingly practical and am looking forward to finishing off the box. I’d be interested in doing a further course / private tuition with you next year so you’ll probably be hearing from me in the future.

Julian R, UK

Thanks again for all your help last week. I really learned a lot. It’s great to view the craft from another maker’s perspective.

Rolf B, Australia

Many thanks for the highly instructive and pleasant day …

Alan P, UK

… I am extremely pleased with the result from your course. The rather subtle patterns in the veneer didn’t really come to light until I applied the Danish oil and then they glowed.

Brian A, UK

Thank you very much indeed for an excellent 5 days in your workshop, learning different techniques and methods, which, as you say, will be transferable to larger pieces of furniture.

Andrew A, UK

The course has been hugely helpful and I am progressing in my box making skills, even though slower that what I’d like. Thanks a lot for your time and patience!

Edigio C, Milan, Italy

Hi – I really enjoyed the weekend – working with passionate, smart, like-minded people.

Garth L, Australia

I would certainly recommend the course to anyone thinking about it. It takes you through all the most interesting parts of the box making process in a condensed timeframe. Excellent fun too.

Rob C, UK

Really enjoyed the weekend! You are a great teacher and your tips and tricks will be invaluable. I would really love to come back to learn more.

Paul B, Essex, UK