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I enjoyed the day yesterday a great deal, thanks for all the help and instruction, as soon as I can find the time I will be trying to make some Cross-Banding for my box.
Andy N, UK

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for a tremendous two day course. I was amazed at what we had managed to cover in just two days. It was great to be able to tap into your years of experience in box making.

Keith H, UK

I’m just back home after a wonderful day out at the Festival Hall. I took my 18 year old daughter Rachel, the singer, and we both enjoyed the music very much. What a gifted artist you are, to play so beautifully and to make such fabulous boxes. When the piccolo box is ready, will you play your flute for me when I come and collect the box?

Hannah M, UK

Apart from learning how to make a box I was able to see how I should organise my garage/workshop without spending a lot of money on expensive benches.

George McK, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and am impressed with what I managed to do with your guidance. There is hope for this frustrated perfectionist!

Rick C, UK

I want to create something that is functional but pleasing to the eye….Your site, and your obvious passion and expertise, has inspired me to make an item that is something other than a rectangle with a lid….thankyou

Paul D, UK

My notebook, and head, are crammed full of techniques and ideas that should keep me going for quite a while … thank you for really inspiring me to have serious go at box making …

Paul S, UK

My head was still spinning with all the methods and ideas you showed me during Tuesday and Wednesday. I really feel I’ve learnt a lot.

Dave W, UK

Absolutely Beautiful Craftsmanship! Gorgeous!

Janina R, Vancouver, Canada

I would like to thank you for your time and hospitality that you showed on your course. I thoroughly enjoyed it … Everyone one at home has admired my box and I’m very proud of it.

Adam P, UK.

Absolutely beautiful boxes – I fully appreciate them as I am a full time boxmaker myself. Maybe one day we’ll be fortunate enough to cross paths 

Brian C, Durban, South Africa