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I got the flute case home in perfect condition, though I must admit I drove about as carefully as I ever have.  Particularly round the bends!  Having got it home, it’s growing and growing on me (not that I didn’t admire it hugely already).  A truly beautiful object, and staggeringly functional – it even seemed to improve my flute practice today, in that everything I needed was readily to hand, including the picc, which is great.
Ben H, UK

Absolutely Beautiful Craftsmanship! Gorgeous!

Janina R, Vancouver, Canada

Thanks once again for a really enjoyable couple of days. Excellent company!  I found the content of the course very interesting, helpful and informative. I feel a lot more confident about tackling the new box!

Ray C, UK

We just wanted to say what a lovely time we had across with you.

Karen & Paul B, UK

[smartHinge] – I have now successfully installed smartHinges on my first box. As you say they are very easy to instal and the end-result is extremely elegant.


 … thank you for such a brilliant weekend. We loved it! I am very pleased to attach some photos of our beauuuutiful boxes, fully lined and in all their glory! I hope you approve.

Sophie & Chris, UK

I really enjoyed the two days and learned a huge amount in a short space of time (as well as ending up with a nice box). Thanks again for a great weekend.

David B, UK

As I reflect on the experience; my time in the Shropshire hills and your shop will long be remembered as one of the highlights of my life. Thank you so much for your hospitality, the mentoring and the friendship fostered over those five days.

Dave C, USA

Had an excellent time on the course (scouts and Louis XIV furniture not withstanding) and have had a chance to go through the photos and have enclosed some nice ones of you and the gang! When I came back from the course I felt full of confidence about all things wood …

Denise B, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the two days.

Roger H, UK

These are some of the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen. I’ve made a few lap desks and stationary boxes out of cherry and pre-engineered veneer – but your’s are incredible!!! WOW I’m impressed.

Mike W, Virginia, USA