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Thanks for a very instructive weekend! I am looking forward to finishing my box. Thank you so much for the clear instruction – you have opened up a number of techniques I had not previously tried which is great.
Paul M, UK

I can definitely confirm that both my wife and i thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend. The course was exactly what I had hoped for, so I am really very very pleased.

Bart C, Belgium

Thank you for your hosting a great course last weekend. Very enjoyable.

Gareth B, UK

Really enjoyed the weekend! You are a great teacher and your tips and tricks will be invaluable. I would really love to come back to learn more.

Paul B, Essex, UK

[smartHinge] – I have now successfully installed smartHinges on my first box. As you say they are very easy to instal and the end-result is extremely elegant.


[smartHinge] – awesome hinges, ingenious simplicity. they look great and so easy to fit …

Scott W, UK

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the weekend – marvellous company and particularly good ‘tutoring’ with the just the right mix of information giving and experiential learning. And most importantly- Jane loves the box! Thanks again and I’ll be in touch for the week long session

Brian A, UK

Anybody wanting to make very fine quality veneered woodwork should go – its not just for people who want to make the finest boxes.

Martin C, Kent, UK

As a flute player (maker) and metal artist who has done a number of sculptural boxes/containers using woods and precious metals and gems, I truly appreciate your work – your attention to form, function and esthetic in all details is wonderful.

Magnus H, USA

Many thanks again for the wonderful weekend! I learned a lot and had great fun.

Michael J, UK

… thank you for an extremely enjoyable and informative weekend.

Terry S, London