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I have learned much about precision woodworking: setting up machines accurately, attention to detail, getting up close with good light and magnifiers, not accepting near enough is good enough, careful use of abrasives to avoid spoiling detail, finishing carefully – and a lot of patience!
Dave B, UK

Thank you for the wonderful box making course you ran in early March. It was a great learning experience.

David N, Japan

thanks for the course, I’ve been genuinely chuffed with what I achieved.

Dave J, UK

thank-you for the 3 days of tuition. The one-to-one tuition was performed in a nice relaxed friendly atmosphere. A very enjoyable time spent in your work shop picking your brains and delving into your knowledge – which was expounded generously. Thanks for the course. It really was excellent. I did learn a lot.

Andrew B, UK

What I gained the most was to try and achieve the highest quality workmanship, not to settle for second best. Also very informative to see all the jigs and little workshop tips and tricks.

Lyndon S, Australia

Big thanks for the weekend course, I really enjoyed it … looking forward to your new websites and me getting busy in my shed.

Michelle F, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. It gave me excellent insights into the equipment and processes needed to make fine boxes… I feel I have gained some basic skills now but I will have to put in a lot of practice to improve them! You may see me back in the future some time for additional tuition!

Derek E, UK

Thanks again for a brilliant day!

Martin H, Oxford

Really enjoyed the weekend! You are a great teacher and your tips and tricks will be invaluable. I would really love to come back to learn more.

Paul H, UK

The course has been hugely helpful and I am progressing in my box making skills, even though slower that what I’d like. Thanks a lot for your time and patience!

Egidio C, Milan, Italy

Kudos to Andrew! Wonderful box work… 🙂

John T, Michigan, USA