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[smartHinge] – awesome hinges, ingenious simplicity. they look great and so easy to fit …
Scott W, UK

Many thanks for an interesting weekend of box making. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing the box completely finished.

Rob D, UK

[smartHinge] – Your hinges are really great quality and a dream to fit.

John P, Ireland

Can I say a huge thank you for my course, I have learnt so much from you together with the way it was put across,thanks. The coffee was good as well!

Ray L, UK

Hi Andrew, just wanted to say thanks for a superb weekend. The other half was very impressed with the box but is skeptical that I made it!

James R, UK

thank you so much for the beautiful case! … Nicola is delighted with it, and her flute has already taken up residence. It’s a really lovely piece of work.

Tom B, UK

I could hardly wait to get home and back to work. You’re a great teacher … in short, I had a perfect time, and enjoyed our discussions immensely.

Roger B, USA

Thank you very much indeed for an excellent 5 days in your workshop, learning different techniques and methods, which, as you say, will be transferable to larger pieces of furniture.

Andrew A, UK

Andrew first of all let me say thank you for the wonderful weekend I hope to repeat it in the not too distant future. I think that I have change my whole approach to box making because of the ideas you’ve given me.

Wyn S, UK

Had an excellent time on the course (scouts and Louis XIV furniture not withstanding) and have had a chance to go through the photos and have enclosed some nice ones of you and the gang! When I came back from the course I felt full of confidence about all things wood …

Denise B, UK

Thank you for a most stimulating course – as much for the philosophy of how you approach precision cabinet-making as for the (not really) finished product!  I think Jeremy and I in particular appreciated the perfectionist approach … you were very diligent in your answers to questions and we learned a lot from that.

Andrew M, UK