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Thanks for a great weekend.  The course was fantastic and I learnt loads of useful stuff.  I’m now inspired to develop and try new things.  I hope you make some headway with your hardware projects.  I’m sure I will see you again and look forward to th
Andrew M, UK

Really enjoyed the weekend! You are a great teacher and your tips and tricks will be invaluable. I would really love to come back to learn more.

Paul H, UK

Everybody was so impressed with the inlay and the lid (we) you did!! I honestly feel my box making will improve 100% as a benefit of spending time with you.

Graham P, UK

just a few lines now that the dust has settled, figuratively and literally, to say thanks again so much for the class a few weeks back. To say that I learned a lot and also had a lovely weekend would be an understatement.

Andy S, UK

Thank you providing the opportunity to make something better than any of the mistakes I have made in the past.  I am sure that the final outcome will amaze my sisters!

Barry F, UK

[smartHinge] – … couldn’t be more impressed or happy with the smart hinge.

Adam C, UK

You’ve got a great set up, easy relaxed manner and you managed to answer all my questions. Maybe I’ll see you again to concentrate solely on concave sided boxes.

Graham P, UK

Thank you for a most enjoyable and educational weekend course – we definitely came away wiser than we arrived and with ideas of how we might cost-effectively include veneer work in our products. The side discussions and notes were – and will be in the future – most informative and helpful. 10/10 for the coffee machine.

Karl P, UK

I would certainly recommend the course to anyone thinking about it. It takes you through all the most interesting parts of the box making process in a condensed timeframe. Excellent fun too.

Rob C, UK

[smartHinge] – What can I say about those hinges? After fitting them I almost felt guilty. Like I had just cheated on an exam. It shouldn’t have been that easy. But it was and they were brilliant.

Paul L, Letterfrack

Personally, I learned an awful lot from the detailed information and guidance you provided. It was so much better that reading and video “learning” processes.

Jim R, UK