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… I am extremely pleased with the result from your course. The rather subtle patterns in the veneer didn’t really come to light until I applied the Danish oil and then they glowed.
Brian A, UK

Your workshop and location cannot be bettered for ambiance and beauty. I only wish I had started to learn 20 years ago … thanks again, be warned I will be back

Philip L, UK

[smartHinge] – the hinges fitted perfectly – I will say now the hinges you have developed are the only hinges I will use for any other box I make – they are fantastic.

Steve G, UK

Thanks again for the first class learning experience, you have opened up a whole world of precision work to me.

Phil S, UK

Mr. Crawford: As a box maker myself I am very impressed with your work. I work primarily with solid wood, Koa mostly. In my opinion, your work is at a level of artistic expression far beyond slapping some miters joints together and installing hinges.

Jeff M, Aiea, Hawaii

You have a very special environment you have created that allows you to be both creative – which you naturally are – and to be where you want to be in this increasingly stressful world!! The standard and quality of the work that you teach and produce is exceptional, and certainly sets the bar for any aspiring novices such as myself.

Jamie F, UK

[smartHinge] – What can I say about those hinges? After fitting them I almost felt guilty. Like I had just cheated on an exam. It shouldn’t have been that easy. But it was and they were brilliant.

Paul L, Letterfrack

I just wanted to say thank you for the course last weekend. I expected just to make a box but I learnt so many things along the way. The time spent on scrapers was particularly helpful. Also, fitting the inlays was very satisfying.

Julian G, UK

your work is very impressive.keep the fire burning .i’m only 16 and i’m doing my technology coursework on jewellery boxes and yours is the 2nd best i’ve seen .good work

Paida, Birmingham, UK

For professionals in a hurry, or home woodworkers frustrated by ill-fitting lids, smartHinge is a revelation, a real Eureka moment … worth the cost for a quality result. They will transform your boxes and boxmaking.

Nick Gibbs, British Woodworking Magazine, UK

 … I am really motivated to get myself kitted up over the coming months and start making some wonderful book boxes.

Glenn M, UK