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[smartHinge] – awesome hinges, ingenious simplicity. they look great and so easy to fit …
Scott W, UK

The level of detail Andrew achieves is astonishing and his design work is second to none. Just look at the ‘coastal’ box (on the cover of his Celebrating Boxes book) and tell me you don’t want one! Congratulations on your site and your workmanship.

Kevin, Essex, UK

I enjoyed your company and that of the other students and considered the weekend very good value. Thank you 

George McK, UK

… I want to tell you that you helped me in ways that only you could have.  My mind has been buzzing since I left your shop  …

Roger B, USA

Thank you for the wonderful weekend experience.  William was very pleased with his birthday present, he is often indifferent and doesn’t show much interest in things (my dad is keen on him finding more active and sociable hobbies), so this was a big success!

John G, UK

First of all many thanks for an excellent course last week … the final result was thoroughly worth while. 

Percy C, UK

I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and am impressed with what I managed to do with your guidance. There is hope for this frustrated perfectionist!

Rick C, UK

Had an excellent time on the course (scouts and Louis XIV furniture not withstanding) and have had a chance to go through the photos and have enclosed some nice ones of you and the gang! When I came back from the course I felt full of confidence about all things wood …

Denise B, UK

Thank you providing the opportunity to make something better than any of the mistakes I have made in the past.  I am sure that the final outcome will amaze my sisters!

Barry F, UK

Really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot.

Andy F, Russia

Thank you very much again for your patient tuition. It was a great privilege to spend so much time with you, and to acquire so many skills. Do I have any criticisms of the course ? I cannot think of a single one. It was superb throughout.

Robert D, UK