September 2016


newsletter no. 19, September 2016 – part 1:

I hope you’ve all had a good summer. Or winter for all you down-under subscribers – I’m sure you’re always happy for some blessed relief from the excessive heat of your summers, but now with another one just around the corner!

Once again this newsletter has got later and later, and the content has grown and grown, so I’ve had to split it into two parts … this is part 1 with some important news on a brand new course, some very special offers, smartWare, and plenty of inlay lines!

special offers:

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‘Gold’ 5 day course special offer:

I’ve been rather slow to promote the courses this time around, so I still have a couple of places available on my ‘Gold’ 5 day course starting Thursday week – September 22nd.

The full price is £670 – if you’d like to attend [a bit short notice, sorry!] click here, select the course and date and choose to pay the full amount [10% discounted]. Then enter the coupon code 242922261010 at checkout, and the price will be discounted by a further 10% – so you pay a mere £535.50.

click here to book your place

smartHinge special offers:

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5/16” polished brass smartHinge – a full 15% off for newsletter subscribers – go here, select ‘polished brass’ and enter the coupon code shpb51630092016 at checkout.

These are being offered at a special discount because the most recent batch has just been produced using 5/16” brass bar stock instead of the usual 8mm. This was delivered to the manufacturer in error and processed along with the 8mm before it was noticed … and means that these must be fitted using a 5/16” cutter. Just a few left – when they’re gone the product listing will revert to show the proper width of hinge again and the coupon value will change to 10%.

stainless steel and gold-plated smartHinge – 10% off for newsletter subscribers – go here, select stainless steel or gold plated and enter the coupon code ssgpsh30092016 at checkout.

… just out of the goodness of my heart. And to say thank you to all you hundreds of loyal smartHinge users out there …

click here for special hinge offers

important: The above offers are valid until the end of September – and all customers who spend £100 or more on hinges [not necessarily in a single purchase] by then will get a polished brass smartLock at half price as soon as it’s available – looking like mid-late October, more news in part 2 at the weekend.

You can’t mix up the different special offer coupon codes, or mix special offers with non-discounted items. So best to do several separate orders …

8.4mm wide figured sycamore lines:

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I’m offering a couple of batches of these at a third off my usual price.

Here’s why: 0.5mm is pretty much the standard thickness for all knife-cut veneers, but I made the mistake recently of buying a substantial batch of black dyed veneer without checking the thickness, and got as far as laminating up a number of blanks [from which the individual lines are cut] before I realised that this veneer was thicker. It turned out to be 0.6mm – so only 0.1mm oversize, but with 4 thicknesses of black per line this adds around an extra 0.4mm …

So, these are perfectly good lines, just a little wider than I intended! The width is between 8.35mm and 8.5mm, so using an 8mm cutter you will need two passes, the second with a slightly adjusted fence.

There are two batches, more info here.

These lines are only accessible to newsletter subscribers as there’s no direct link to them on the website. There’s no time limit on these, but stocks are limited and when they’re gone they’re gone!

click here to buy 8.4mm sycamore lines

and more inlay lines …

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I’ve recently completed a substantial batch of both sycamore and snakewood lines [the correct width this time, 8-8.1mm!] so these are now available again here.

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I’m not offering any special deals on these as they’re vey time consuming to make – I’ve actually had to increase the prices a bit, and they should really be even MORE … !

click here to buy 8mm sycamore and snakewood lines


brand new smartWare weekend – bring your own box:

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If you’ve made a box [or are planning to make one in the near future] and you’d like to fit the best hardware available to it, line it with beautiful pigsuede, and learn a lot of other useful tricks and tips besides, then this weekend is definitely for you.

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There’s plenty more information about this new course on the site here.

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So two of the weekends I posted in NL18 have now turned into smartWare & lining’ weekends.

click here to book your smartWare & lining’ weekend,
or any other course


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newsletter archive:

Just a quick reminder than all my past newsletters going back to January 2010 can be read here.


in newsletter 19, part 2:

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More smartWare news including the imminent launch of smartLock, a bit of R&R [Restoration and Repair … ], 2017 course dates, too many websites, a not very well made table and more …


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And finally I’m pleased to announce that we now have a new kitten. File under ‘pussy cat’!

Thanks for reading!

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