June 2018



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newsletter 25, June 2018:

Hello everyone – this is a short newsletter this time: some necessary housekeeping, and some very special course and smartWare offers below …

GDPR opt in:

First the boring bit – as many of you will be aware [not least because your inboxes will have been inundated with similar emails recently] to help comply with GDPR consent requirements, I need you to re-confirm your subscription so that you can continue to receive these newsletters.

These typically include news on my smartWare box hardware, forthcoming course dates, new tools and jigs coming through and any other box related news. And usually a few irrelevant [and sometimes irreverent] bits and pieces as well …

I’m a bit late on this particular bandwagon, and I’m not even sure I have the YES/NO buttons set up right or that it fully applies to the likes of me anyway – it seems difficult to obtain definitive information!

‘open rate’ and whitelisting:

The open rate is the percentage of newsletters sent out that are actually received and opened. In my case it used to be around 80% which is considered extremely high – but recently with more stringent spam filters and a variety of other factors this figure has dropped to around 60%.

This is still considered high, but I’d like to increase it anyway, so if you’re able to include my email address – ACfdb@fine-boxes.com – in a ‘whitelist’, a list which guarantees that emails from that address get through your spam defences, that would be very helpful in achieving that. Thank you in advance!

If you are receiving this, but haven’t received anything from me for a while, it may well be because this is shorter than usual, and contains fewer images and links.


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So, the time has come to choose. I can reveal that the next newsletter is the most exciting yet, containing as it does the best ever offers on smartWare, tales of derring do en route to China, The Royal Family [not ‘The Royle Family’, and nothing to do with THAT wedding], plagiarism, blackmail and much more …

Of course, if you DON’T wish to receive further newsletters, you should click ‘NO’.


some very special course offers:

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I’ve been very slow to promote my courses this year as there’s been rather a lot of demands on my time. As a result I have at least one place available on the following dates:

  •  June 14-18 [gold 5 day course]

  •  June 28-July 2 [gold 5 day course]

  •  July 7/8 weekend

  •  July 28/29 weekend

  •  Aug 9-13 [gold 5 day course]

The first one, June 14-18th, is pretty soon. Next Thursday, in fact! I have 2 places available on that and can offer a 25% discount to anyone wanting to attend. The discount is only valid until June 10th – you will need to enter the following code at checkout:

J14182018-dfoke- 30

There’s 10% off all other dates if booked before June 20th. For these you will need this code:


NB: these discount codes only work on the ‘full payment‘ options.

book a weekend                  book a ‘gold’ 5 day course


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Just a quick reminder – I’m on Instagram – click the image above to visit – please follow, like and/or comment. Tthere’s lots to see, mostly box-related, of course.

Of particular interest to those actually making boxes will be my ‘smartWare information’ series. No. 1 is entitled ‘smartHinge explained’ and and no. 2 is ‘smartHinge evolution’. There are a fair few more to come, including some comparisons with Brusso, updates on the disgraceful Linley plagiarism saga, plenty of info on the design and development of the smartLocks and much more.


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some smartBoxmaker news:

smartHinge special offers:

Having put a huge amount of effort into getting the quality of the hinges as high as possible, and the consistency … the deliveries are now coming through regularly and reliably. So I’m making a few offers to newsletter subscribers – as follows:

15% off when you buy 6 or 12 pairs of of hinges, all finishes.

The voucher code is:


This offer is valid until June 20th. Although supplies are now coming through very well, depending on the uptake delivery may not be immediate. So, if you need your order urgently it is important you email me.

buy hinges at special offer prices

The smartLocks are also coming through well, if a little more slowly. But I still have some back orders to meet so I’m not making any special offers on these for now … I’m confident that these will be flowing like wine in all flavours together with the hinges by the end of June.

There will be more news on other projects – smartCorner and smartDisc – in the next one, along soon.


Thank you for reading – more very soon!

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Andrew Crawford