large abrasive sheets


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Extra large self-adhesive abrasive sheets, 600mm x 400mm. Supplied in pairs to create large abrasive surfaces when affixed to both sides of a rigid board.

•  many uses around the workshop, not only for making boxes.
•  long lasting, hard wearing, high quality, machine belt abrasive.
•  600mm x 400mm
•  2 useful grit combinations
•  board is non-slip as it has abrasive on both sides
•  self-adhesive – peel off backing

The simplest jigs are always the best …

grits combinations:

•  80/150
•  180/220


•  quick de-burring of the edges of boards
•  levelling inner edges of a box when a lid has been bandsawn off
•  many operations where a high friction/non-slip workboard is needed
•  bevelling
•  … and myriad other uses – I’m adding to the list all the time!