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2019 weekend and 5 day box making courses:

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Choosing the correct course can be daunting …

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These are basically bespoke training days [just one, or as many as you like] tailored to cover exactly the areas you want to cover. You could spend your time perfecting the art of book matching, learning to make and seamlessly inlay your own inlay lines, concentrating on the finer points of french polishing – or learning to line jewellery boxes. Or any combination of the above – the choice of what we do, and how long we spend doing it, is entirely yours.

And of course we start from exactly where you are – your experience and knowledge of woodwork, or lack of it, and bearing in mind your current workshop and tools [or lack of]. You can be a complete beginner looking for a pleasurable pursuit, or an experienced woodworker looking to fine-tune certain skills, discuss a special project or looking to change direction. I can also advise on setting up a workshop, or on adapting an existing one, for making fine boxes.

The charge per day is £295.

preparation: if you have booked a period of tuition with me then some knowledge of one of my books would be a good start. A useful tip is to keep a workshop notebook where you note problems and questions as they arise – that will help you to have a clear idea of the areas you’d like to cover. I’m happy to discuss on the phone what you’d like to cover – and if required also create a draft schedule for the time you spend here.

the end result: depending on how long you spend with me, you may or may not go away with an elaborately veneered and inlaid decorative box. But hopefully you will leave armed with new ideas, techniques and tips that will help you to develop your own style of boxes, or anything else for that matter. And also having enjoyed some time in beautiful rural Shropshire …

There’s plenty of excellent local accommodation – both the following are in Acton Scott itself.

There are plenty more options in the area – I will updating this page very shortly with my own choices. In the meantime … AirB&B?


The Acton Scott Farm Bed & Breakfast is very well run and friendly, but may be closed over the winter. This is a good option if you wish to have a car-less few days – it’s a lovely 20 mins walk to the workshop.

For availability and prices please call Mary Jones on + 44 (0) 1694 781260 o email at

NB: in Acton Scott.

Wood Acton is a lovely house near us that has recently started to do bed and breakfast. This is a good choice for the winter months as they don’t close and is the closest to the workshop, just 10 mins walk.

For availability and prices please call Mary Phillips on + 44 (0) 1694 781205 or email:

NB: in Acton Scott.



This is a really beautiful area – winter sunrise on the Acton Scott Estate.

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2019 weekend, 5 day and one-to-one box making courses.