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The extra time we all have because of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions can be seen as an opportunity to catch up with some workshop time. So, I’m offering 90 minute, one-to-one online sessions using the ‘Zoom’ app. A real-time connection between you and your workshop, and me and mine …


As a starter why not book yourself a FREE smartBoxmaker online session? – 20 minutes absolutely free to ask anything you want, and to find out whether further sessions might be a good way to further your box making.







•   no risk of transmitting the dreaded virus [or anything else for that matter]
•   no travelling required
•   no accommodation required
•   you won’t have to wash your hands every 20 mins, sing happy birthday, keep 2 metres away from me or any of that!
•   after the session you retire immediately to the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world.


Here are some of the areas that can be covered:






… and much more – basically anything you need help and guidance with, so long as it’s not making furniture, cutting dovetails or doing your tax.


cost: The cost is £75 for a 90 minute session – and reduces the more sessions you book.

More info in my next newsletter – if you’re not already, please subscribe [blue button, bottom of the page] – there will be another one along very soon. Any queries please email me or call + 44 [0] 1694 781318


Things are going to be very different for us all for the foreseeable future. In the meantime: stay safe, but stay connected – and I look forward to meeting some of you over the airwaves sometime soon!



Important notice: I‘ve never made furniture – I only make boxes – box making is my speciality!


During a long career making bespoke boxes and cases for discerning clients around the world I’ve developed a select range of skills and techniques, cherry-picked and distilled from a number of related disciplines. This article goes some way to explaining my approach




When available my regular courses offer an insight into the processes I regularly use in a friendly, supportive environment for a maximum of four participants.


I’ve made every mistake in the book over the years [and plenty that aren’t] … so I make sure you don’t!


smartBoxmaker - box making courses


You get to go away with a beautiful box, and loads of great box making tips …


If you have any queries at all please feel free to contact me to discuss.

As well as all the obvious stuff, some things you will learn:


• the difference between ‘abrasion’ and ‘cutting’, and why modern abrasives are often a good choice for small work.
• all about the ‘zen/stuff‘ scale, and where you are on it …
• the importance of a table-mounted router – upcut and downcut spirals explained.
• all about the world’s second most sophisticated clamping system.



And some you will NOT learn:


• more ways to make your chisels and planes so sharp that the weight of a feather will shear itself in two.
• yet ANOTHER, even better way to cut perfect dovetails.
• how to fettle a plane so it creates a shaving the thickness of a Higgs boson.
• how to make a chair, a rocking horse or a bird box …

I think it’s safe to say my courses are well received:


That was the best woodworking course I have done – and I have done a few …
Graham T, Surrey, UK



For the aspiring cellist to spend three days with Yo-Yo Ma would be something special, certainly. For an aspiring box maker to spend three days one-on-one with Andrew Crawford is similar …
Roger B, Michigan, USA.



I had one of the best informative and enjoyable times of my life over the weekend, my head is buzzing with loads of ideas and information.
Chris C, Wiltshire, UK



I particularly appreciated your teaching techniques where you walked the line between moving the activity forward while catering for the many questions and conversations that naturally come out of these sort of sessions.
Steve R, Victoria, Australia


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