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Price shown is per pair, including plenty of screws.


important note: all hinges may be fitted using either 8mm or 5/16″ router cutters.



04/05/2017 smartWare stock news:

Now available: polished brass, stainless steel and gold-plated. I’m hoping to offer the range as I originally intended it – smartHinge and matching smartLock in all finishes – very soon.

important note: all hinges may be fitted using either 8mm or 5/16″ router cutters.


And why is smartHinge so good? …

smartHinge is simply the highest quality, easiest to fit, best looking box hinge on the market.

  •  smartHinge features a simple, robust and elegant internal stop system allowing a fully round knuckle and offering secure support for the heaviest of lids.

  •  no ‘L’ shape, no quadrant stay – four passes, screw in place … job done. No other box hinge is easier to fit!

  •  all British made – beautifully machined and finished in the West Midlands, complete consistency, real quality feel, unlike some similar Chinese-made hinges …

  •  the ends of the leaves can easily be squared off for those who prefer a more traditional look …

  •  how many? Please contact me for orders over 10 pairs as significant discounts apply …

smartHinge dimensions:

leaves are 8mm wide – actually 7.96 mm ± 0.03 to cater for 8mm and 5/16″ cutters
leaves are 3mm thick – when parallel [closed] there is a 0.3mm clearance between the leaves
45mm long overall
42mm to centre of the pin
opening to 93˚
screws supplied are 5/8″ no.3  countersunk brass wood screws – with plenty of spares


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