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2017 spring/summer box making course dates:

All past or full now, sorry.

I will be posting the autumn dates in my next newsletter shortly – subscribers get priority booking around 10 days before the dates are posted on the website here. Click here to subscribe. Any queries, please email me.



  course type


  March 11th/12th [Saturday/Sunday]    weekend  past
  March 23rd-27th [Thursday – Monday]   ‘Gold’ 5 day  past
  April 6th-10th [Thursday – Monday]   ‘Gold’ 5 day  past
  April 27th-May 1st [Thursday – Monday]   ‘Gold’ 5 day  past
  May 13th/14th [Saturday/Sunday]   weekend  past
  June 3rd/4th [Saturday/Sunday]   weekend  past
  June 13th-17th [NB: Tuesday – Saturday]  ‘Gold’ 5 day  past
  July 20th-24th [Thursday – Monday]       ‘Gold’ 5 day  past
August 25th-26th [NB: Friday/Saturday]   weekend  full


weekend course [max 4 people] £295 [£265 paid in advance]
BMW ‘Gold’ 5 day course [max 4 people] £670 [£595 paid in advance]

three steps to booking your place:

from the drop down menus above:

1 –
choose what type of course you want to do: weekend or ‘Gold’ 5 day
2 – choose available dates from the schedule above *
3 – choose how to pay: full course fee up front [10% discount] or pay a 30% deposit [5 day course] or 50% [weekend course]

* Please note: I’ve not been able to work out any system whereby I can control ‘stock’ of any particular course, ie a specific date, and still offer the different booking options. Each course is limited to four people – I will update the availability shown above as soon as I receive an order, and will remove a particular date from the ordering options as soon as that course is full. But there’s always the possibility that there might be an overlap – first come first served, I will be in touch if the date you’ve purchased has become unavailable.

Please email me if you would like the booking to take the form of a gift token and that will be posted to you at no extra charge. You can also buy non-date specific gift tokens [£20, £50, £100, weekend, ‘Gold’ 5-day] here. Please also email me if you would like to discuss some one-to-one time, charges £275 per day.

Weekend box making course info     ‘Gold’ 5 day box making course info


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