The hardware I offer – smartWare – is the finest quality, easiest to fit box hardware available anywhere.

The smartHinge was originally designed in collaboration with a Rolls Royce trained engineer, Clive Jarman, based in Perth, WA, in 2010. The smartLock has evolved through working with a number of designers and manufacturers to produce a lock that matches the smartHinge in every way: elegant, beautifully made and finished, functional and easy to fit.

smartWare is available in three finishes – polished brass, rhodium plated and gold plated – and is manufactured by an excellent family-run precision engineering workshop in West Bromwich in the British West Midlands – traditionally a world centre for this sort of product.

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This has been a long journey! I’m still working on this section to bring it up to date …

“For professionals in a hurry, or home woodworkers frustrated by ill-fitting lids, smartHinge is a revelation,a real Eureka moment … worth the cost for a quality result. They will transform your boxes and boxmaking.”

from Nick Gibbs’ ‘British Woodworking‘ review, January 2011.

And reviewed by Robert Ingham in the March 2011 issue of Furniture & Cabinetmaking magazine:

“Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? This is a phrase that is often quoted when a breakthrough occurs in almost every field of human expertise and it is certainly true of the smartHinge … Fitting these hinges is very straightforward and easy …”

smartWare is extremely well made – there will be much more info on this page very soon – work in progress!






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smartHinge and smartLock – the finest box hardware available