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Update, June 1st, 2017:

spacer_20The new smartWare manufacturer is doing an excellent job and the full smartWare range – smartHinge and smartLock, is now available in all finishes – polished brass,  gold-plated, and stainless steel – EXCEPT smartLock in stainless steel. This is coming very soon – watch this space!


And now there’s good progress on the smartWare, I’m now making good progress on the following:

  •  my new disc sander – see my newsletter 17, part 2 [Dec 2015] for the background to this

  •  my inlay corner trimming jig – ex ‘Veritas’ smartCorner [of course] – see newsletter 7 [June 2011] and newsletter 8 [November 2011] for the background to this.

I hope that both smartDisc and smartCorner will be available for the autumn – please email me to register your interest …

Also in the pipeline:

  •  boxmakers’ ruler
  •  new book – ‘The incomplete Guide to Box Making’ is making good progress
  •  and more …

So, things are moving at last! Please watch this space – I will be updating this page regularly over the coming weeks and months …



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