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August 1st, 2017 smartWare update:

 smartLock [polished brass and gold plated] now available
click here to order
NB: if urgent please email me for a delivery date as production isn’t quite keeping up with demand yet and I don’t always have stock …


 *** stainless steel smartLock coming very soon ***

DSC_6766a A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that the new smartLock is as good as it can possibly be and accordingly the early prototypes were subjected to every possible stress test. Click on one of the images below for a taster …


They passed with flying colours! So, production is currently in progress and at long last this worthy stablemate to smartHinge is now available.


 all finishes of smartHinge currently in stock! Click here to buy

polished brass            stainless steel            gold plated


Union-Jack-Flag The current manufacturers are based in the British West Midlands, a traditional area for this sort of high quality work, and show every sign of treating my [and my customers’] hardware requirements with a great deal more care, common sense and courtesy than anyone before them. Long may it continue!

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